Worx Yard Tools

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Worx Yard Tools

Worx is a small company that specializes in most tools you will need to care for and maintain your yard. Everything from snow blowers to chain saws is part of the line up of Worx yard tools.  It will be my pleasure to discuss several of them in detail on this website.

Worx produces electric and gas powered tools. The chain saw, lawn mowers and the snow thrower are some of the gas powered products. All or most of the remaining tools use a lithium rechargeable battery that lasts a fairly long time.

If the prospect of not having to mix oil and gas together, or pulling that cord to start you mower appeals to you, you may want to go the  rechargeable battery route.

Some of the Worx yard tools that I will be writing about on this site are the Worx Trivac, The Worx Trimmer and the Worx GT.