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Worx GT

The Worx GT is an extremely versatile tool. it comes in two different power models, an 18 volt Ni-Cd, and a 24 volt Lithium. People who’ve bought this Worx yard tool have nothing but praise for it. In this article I will write about the features that make this the right choice to add to your yard shed.

2 Tools in one.
In case you were not aware, the Worx GT is two tools in one. It’s a grass trimmer that easily converts to a wheeled edger effortlessly in just a few seconds without having to use any tools. This is a real money saver for the obvious reason that you will not need to purchase an edger as well.  If storage space is limited, then this will have another benefit of saving on shed or garage space.

24 volt lithium battery
With most other battery types, as soon as you turn on the device, the battery begins to weaken until there is no more power. The 24 volt lithium Worx GT does not do this. The lithium battery will stay at full power until it is dead. That means that the trimmer will not gradually slow down as the battery weakens. It will spin at the same RPM’s with a freshly charges battery as it will just before it is about to be depleted. This is an important feature with this type of a tool. You do not want to have the trimmer slowing down as the battery dies. This battery also has a life span of about three times longer than other cordless grass trimmers batteries. Worx does not give specifics as to how long the battery charge will last, but they do state that you can trim or edge the perimeter of a football field three times before needing to re-charge.

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Designed to perform
Weighing in at only 5.3 pounds, the GT will be easy on your back and keep you comfortable while you work. Simply pull the trigger to start. What a joy to not have to go through all the messes involved in storing gasoline and mixing the oil. The auto feed line  will make your job easier as well. It automatically keeps the cutting line at the proper length. The adjustable shaft will can be set for the right length to keep you comfortable.

Free Spools for life.
Oh yeah, free spools for life. Does it get any better than that? Once you own a Worx GT (any model), you can order a six pack of spools from Worx at no charge. This is about sixty feet of cutting line for free. This is not just some cheap cutting line, this line is far superior to other cutting lines. It will help keep your grass healthy. It does this through the shape of the cutting line. Because of this unique shape it is also quieter and will last longer.